What we do

We believe in comprehensive financial planning. Our approach is to analyze and manage different aspects of your financial life as a whole. We help you see the big picture and put the smaller blocks of your finances in place. We deploy Investment Management and Financial Planning services together as an aggregate tool that can help you work towards achieving your goals.
investment management

Investment management

Looking to help grow your asset base and generate income at the same time?

Are you tired of the old school 60/40 stocks/bonds portfolio approach and wonder how it will perform during the next market decline? Do you worry about how you would survive if you lost your job?

Our Investment approach tries to solve these problems. Our strategy is designed to align your portfolio to different market conditions. Our goal is to make the portfolio as less dependent on the market as possible.

After analyzing your financial situation and your objectives, we allocate your portfolio in a combination of three diverse strategies that are designed to be aligned with your goals.

#1 – The First Strategy invests a major portion of your portfolio in index and sector ETF’s designed for the long term growth. The goal is to build a large asset base by the time you are ready to retire.

#2 – The Second Strategy is used as a supplement that invests a moderate portion of your portfolio in derivatives that are designed to produce real-time income. This income can be withdrawn to supplement your job income or re-invested into buying more long term investments.

#3 – The Third Strategy invests a small portion of your portfolio in tactical investments that can potentially take advantage or short/medium term market movements.

All strategies are built using a quantitative and math-based approach. The goal is to provide both – long term growth and real-time income.

If you would like to know more about our Investment Philosophy and find out how it may help you reach your goals, please reach out.

Financial Planning

At Aureus Capital, our approach to financial planning is through the implementation of the Scorecard System.

The Scorecard System allows us to objectively analyze each financial area and goal independently. We start with calculating the score for each of the objectives and establishing a baseline reference point. It shows us where we stand and the progress made towards achieving each goal. The goal of the Scorecard System is to help us see which objectives may need more focus and what changes may need to be made to get those objectives back on track.

For clients that sign up for our ongoing service, Scores are recalculated periodically to measure the progress you’ve made and make necessary changes to get the lagging areas back on track. The objective of the ongoing assessment and measurement is to help you feel confident knowing that you are making appropriate financial decisions and focusing on the correct financial area(s).

Below is the list of the different financial goals and objectives that can be measured by the Scorecard System

financial planning

ultimate scores

These two scores measure the overall progress of your financial journey. They compare your current situation to your goals and help you identify whether you are on track of reaching them.

financial planning

lifestyle scores

These scores tell you how are you managing your day-to-day finances. They will help you answer questions like:

Am I spending more than I am earning?

Am I saving enough for my retirement and other needs?

Am I investing enough to allow my assets to grow over time?

financial planning
financial planning
aureus capital - investment rate
aureus capital - emergency ratio

retirement readiness scores

These scores measure your progress toward reaching your retirement goals. They will help guide you with the following.

Have I saved enough for my retirement?

How many years can I live on my savings?

Can I retire early?

financial planning
financial planning
financial planning
financial planning

education coverage scores

These scores help you identify how much you need to save to cover the cost of college education for your kids.

financial planning

The above chart is for illustration purposes only.

If you think you may need help with any of these items, we’ll be happy to partner with you.