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A New Age Financial Advisor for Professionals and business owners

Aureus Capital
what we do
as a Financial Advisor for Professionals and business owners, we provide personalized financial planning and investment management services to help you reach your financial goals. Our holistic approach helps you take control of your finances. we are your innovative, independent and trusted partner.
Financial Advisor for IT Professionals

Investment Management

The path to achieving investment success is to study long-term results and find a strategy that makes sense. Then stay on the path.
  • Rule-based Investment approach – we take the emotions out of your investments
  • A new way of diversification – our methodologies help you grow your assets and generate income at the same time
  • Advanced strategies – we strive to develop strategies that aim to decouple your portfolio performance and market movements
  • A mix of old-school asset allocation and new-age derivatives investments – look beyond the 60/40 portfolio and take control of your investments

Financial Planning

Life is a game. Money is how we keep the score.
-- Ted Turner
  • Scorecard-based approach – know how the different areas of your financial house are performing
  • Each of your financial goals is given a score that is tracked against its target – helps you easily and quickly figure out which goal may need more focus
  • Understand where you are on your progress to reach your goals and what changes you may need to make to get there
  • Periodic recalculation of the scores helps you analyze your financial situation and guides you towards appropriate financial decisions
Financial Advisor for IT Professionals
how we serve
At Aureus Capital, we're all about Financial Independence.

As a Financial Advisor for professionals and business owners, we provide personalized Financial Planning and Investment Management to help you make better decisions about your money. Our scorecard-based approach to financial planning and rule-based investment management helps give you a sense of financial clarity.

We help guide you on each and every step of your financial journey to your financial independence.


We begin with assessing your current financial situation and understanding your goals and objectives. We prepare a baseline score for each objective as a reference point


We then identify the areas where you're doing well and where you may need to focus more. At this point, we design a customized investment strategy for you to help you work towards your goals


During this phase, we partner with you to implement the changes we identified during the Design phase. The investment plan is also set in action to help grow your portfolio and generate income


We continue to be your accountability partner to help you stay on the course to reaching your goals. We also keep your investments balanced so they remain aligned to your objectives

Who We Serve
These are some of the Client Personas we enjoy working with. If you can identify yourself as one of the below personalities, our services may prove to be a fit for your finances

Growth Minded personality

Do you have the abundance mentality? Do you believe that you can have abundant wealth so you don't have to worry about money?

We will help implement our Financial Planning and Investment Management services in such a way that your excess income may be put to a good use of helping create abundant wealth for you in future.

Desiring Multiple Income Streams

Do you want to add another source of income to your primary job or business income allowing you to enjoy your live better?

Our new-age Investment Strategies are designed to add another source of income to your financial life that you can start using immediately.

Aspiring Financial Independence

Do you want to achieve Financial Independence?

Do you want to have a large enough asset base and a healthy passive income stream in future that allows you to be not dependent on your job or business income?

The goal of our services is to help you achieve your goals and take you closer to the life that you want to live.

Come join us on this exciting journey.